Deadline pushed back….. Boo!

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So I will be starting training to be a school bus driver on the 10th of Aug. Needlessly to say that makes my next week full of studying/preparing for said training. Therefore it’s only right that I send off the queries after I’ve had sufficient time to make sure my manuscript is exactly where I want it to be. I really really wanted to meet my deadline of Aug 11 though (which would’ve been exactly 3 years since I had the idea) ‘Boo’ on the lack of time until then. >> I might still be able to make this deadline, but it all depends on my beta readers and how soon I’m able to get the info I need about what diving is like for teens in Canada right now. As of right now the deadline is set for Aug 27th, but I still want to push for Aug 11th. Wish me luck!