Shouldn’t Have Gotten ‘Caught’ Reading

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When books get us in trouble. 😀

My husband caught me reading the first time but not the second. (Don’t worry he’s not a blog follower 😛 ) And what I’m talking about is those times when I really SHOULDN’T have been reading — not the: I could be doing laundry, or there’s a sink full of dishes that need washing, or there’s homework that needs finishing — but an oh my gosh my reading has added so much stress to my life.

Yes I’ll admit it, on two separate occasions I read 3+ books in less than 5 days while in the process of moving. Like packing absolutely everything into boxes cause we were moving far enough to need a uhaul kind of moving. Both times we were within a week of our move out date. :S Yeah I know.

The first time my husband kept coming home from work and seeing me with the book open and only one measly little box packed. By the time I was working my way through book two of this series he told me I wasn’t allowed to buy the third one. I did anyway and finished it in two days. –sheepish grin– The series I read was the Twilight series. (Before the fourth was published thankfully– I think it would’ve been a whole lot worse if that had been the case) Yeah I read first three of those books with boxes all around me, while still working an 8 hour work day. My husband was none too happy that I’d bought the third one and read it, but what could he do? It was already done, and he knew me. That’s one reason why I love him, he understands about me and books.

The second time this happened I wised up. Again still a frantic gotta get everything in boxes mode but I was reading the Rhea Jensen mystery series. All of the covers for these books are very similar. I didn’t open them around my husband all that much. –that way he wouldn’t see which one I was reading, therefore realizing I’d moved on to the next book. I also didn’t use a bookmark having learned my lesson a number of months before that. (He’d seen where my bookmark was in The Mocking Jay and was shocked when there was no longer a bookmark in it the next day. “You finished it already?”) I finished the fours books in that series as I was both packing up an entire 3 bedroom townhouse and watching and playing with my 21 month old son. Not a lot of packing got done.

Despite the fact that I got totally and completely caught up in these stories when I really shouldn’t have, I still think it’s funny. Books have that kind of power over me, especially if they’re exceptionally good books that I fall in love with.

Anyone else have a ‘Yeah I really shouldn’t have been reading then’ story?

Those books’ll get ya every time.