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It’s here. Chapter One. LEAP IN!
Read, enjoy, and comment. 😀
   Thank you
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And now on to the Preview!

Lasera – Leap Into Chapter One On Leap Day

Some people have said, the above document preview didn’t work. For the text in it’s entirety go to the above tab ‘Read Chapter One’.
© 2012 Danielle Mathieson Pederson

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  • Miranda Kuss says:

    I love the first chapter but it was awkward to read and hard to follow. The way you formed the two plots are confusing when put together. It has wonderful potential! I can't wait to read the whole book! 😀

  • Jen says:

    The feelings and imagery were very nice; sometimes the flow was a little awkward to me. I think there is a typo on page 2 of chapter 1 ("You like nice in that green suit.” Zack…). I'm excited at the prospect of your ideas coming to life and would've continued reading if more were available.

  • abartel says:

    Very good. I am now anxious to read the rest of the book! Well done.

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