Moving Past Rejections. Taking on the World.

By May 26, 2014Publishing

There hasn’t been a post on here for a while, and there’s been a number of reasons for that. One of them being the fact that I was actually pouring over the Lasera Book One manuscript and trying to make it as good as possible. But the main one has been discouragement.

I sent out 8 query letters for this book at the beginning of April. 6 of them came back as form rejections, one came back with a line saying mermaids just weren’t her thing and I’m still waiting on one. I sent 10 more letters out in this past week. I’m not really hoping for much. (All this on top of the 20 letters I sent in 2012)

It’s hard to get form rejections, especially when I haven’t had any requests just to read the manuscript. I feel like the biggest asset of this book is the world building. This amazing place of Mer that I’ve built. But no one’s even taken a chance reading it, let alone tried to sell it to a publisher. So for a while there I had to step back. I had to make decisions and figure out what I wanted.

I’m still going to wait and see what happens with my queries, but I’m no longer banking on a publishing deal. My book is ready. I’m ready. This is my year. I’m ready to take on the world. Both figuratively and the imaginary world of Lasera 😀

If I don’t get any interest from agents in this batch of queries, I’m going to put this book out there myself. Maybe the market is sick of mermaids and other fantastical beings, I don’t know. But I’ve decided that I’m going to let the readers decide.

Watch out, Lasera is coming.



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