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More FB Likes. Another Poem

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Although I know I wasn’t a child when I wrote this next poem, I was a teenager. This particular poem is very long, so I think I’ll share it in segments (I’ll still have the preceding stanzas each time so you can read the whole poem in its entirety should you desire to do so.)

Enjoy! 😀

A Ring, A Hobbit and a Quest
A ring can be powerful,
The power of greed is a driving force.
A journey is at its start,
And hobbits have begun changing what always has been.
For they shall shake the fortunes of all.

Got Another 10 Likes On Facebook = Childhood Poem

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Hooray! My facebook page (here) got another 10 likes.

So I’m sharing a poem I wrote in grade 9. (I’m fairly certain I entered it into a fall fair competition and placed, but I can’t quite remember)

Enjoy! And thank you all for your support of me and my writing. 😀

As the leaves change from green, to yellow, to sunflower gold,
Autumn seeds in their many numbers unfold.
With fallen leaves crunching beneath our feet,
Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, we do meet.
As the summer’s heat comes to an end,
A slight chill does the North Wind send.
We know that Winter is drawing near,
Yet enchanting music we do hear.
We have not yet seen all of Winters wrath,
Though we know it is somewhere down our path.
Reaping in what has been done,
We all do the work as one.
What smells Fall does bring,
As the birds swiftly go to wing.
The war has just begun,
Though Winter has not yet won.
As the last leaf falls to the ground,
The cold has finally come around.
As the seasons come and go,
They display their own features in each show.
Of one thing we are sure, as we call,
“Fall is the most wonderful season of all.”