Got Another 10 Likes On Facebook = Childhood Poem

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Hooray! My facebook page (here) got another 10 likes.

So I’m sharing a poem I wrote in grade 9. (I’m fairly certain I entered it into a fall fair competition and placed, but I can’t quite remember)

Enjoy! And thank you all for your support of me and my writing. 😀

As the leaves change from green, to yellow, to sunflower gold,
Autumn seeds in their many numbers unfold.
With fallen leaves crunching beneath our feet,
Beautiful sunsets and sunrises, we do meet.
As the summer’s heat comes to an end,
A slight chill does the North Wind send.
We know that Winter is drawing near,
Yet enchanting music we do hear.
We have not yet seen all of Winters wrath,
Though we know it is somewhere down our path.
Reaping in what has been done,
We all do the work as one.
What smells Fall does bring,
As the birds swiftly go to wing.
The war has just begun,
Though Winter has not yet won.
As the last leaf falls to the ground,
The cold has finally come around.
As the seasons come and go,
They display their own features in each show.
Of one thing we are sure, as we call,
“Fall is the most wonderful season of all.”

Childhood Poems and Sonnets On Anything

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So I’d like to up my web presence. And have a few ideas.

For every ten likes I get on my facebook page I will post a poem I wrote in my childhood (or an excerpt from one as some are pages long). I’m sure some of you other writers out there know that looking back on these can be both very eye opening and funny. Right now I’m at 20, so please like me on my page – let’s get it up to 30 and beyond. And thank you in advance. Danielle Mathieson Pederson on facebook.

I’d also like to increase the number of members on my websites. In that vein I’ve decided that for both of my blogs every time my member list hits a multiple of five I will write a sonnet. And not just any sonnet, I’ll write either a Petrarchan or a Shakespearian sonnet on any random topic a commenter gives me. It could get very funny and interesting! So please make sure to join this site or my other blog DanielleWAM or both. 😀

I think this could really be a lot of fun, so talk it up! 😀

Oh and btw? It’s T-minus 4 days until we Leap Into Chapter One!

UPDATE: I no longer have enough childhood poems to catch up with the number of likes I have on facebook! Crazy! So yes that’s a bit of a negative because I won’t be posting more poems, but yay for a ton of likes! So I’ll have to put my brain to work and find some other way to promote my author page on facebook. Thanks everyone! (btw I’ll probably be posting the full LOTR poem that I put up just the first stanza for. 😀 )